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Social Media Pursue Change

Im 17 years of age and a Filipino citizen. Social media simply explains how society interact through the mediated technologies for easier and faster access of information. Technological advancement have made people easier to express and relay news through social media platforms. Today, it is rampant for any persons in the world.

  • The social media plays a big role in disseminating an information in order to create change. For me, as a student, it assist my learnings through furnished data that is reliable. It provides me a lot of essential information in my daily lives and data that could fullfil my needs in school and helps me to be aware of what is happening and sorround. In some instance, it is also a support towards online business, inform about calamities, it could build friendship, make people function as a good citizen, discover new things, explore the unknown resources, best way to connect vast distance, could discover talents, could encourage people, and lastly, most of all, it helps preach out the gospel and change for better.
  • The difference between the recent years and today’s years in terms of discerning information is:

  1.  Ancestors read printed materials such as books.
  2. Most of the time, ancestors express using stage play with corresponding lessons.
  3. Availability of resources
  4. Before, only few could response or received the information.
  5. Today, anywhere you go or look, there is information.
  6. There are other sources of info such as internet, tv, radio, or even smart phones.

Today, where we are sorrounded by the technologies, social media is one of the affected of this. Since we can express ourselves in an easy way yet we still have to use it wisely as much as possible.